Macau Grand Lisboa Casino Hotel

Macau Grand Lisboa Casino Hotel It’s a devil’s lair. In terms of the game, it has a strange interior of a fire roof that looks like a king of games. Especially in daylight when the lights were off, I couldn’t remove that feeling. In addition, casino hotel directly under the end of King Stanley! But I thought that I had to go directly to the devil’s lair to catch the devil, so I decided to stay in Lisboa.

The first day of the trip didn’t play on purpose. If you’re excited and calm, you’ll feel like you’re back in the game, so you can relax as much as you can on the first day and go to see some of Macau’s surroundings that you couldn’t do before 카지노.

So the second day of the battle… .

After all, it snows early in the morning. There is a saying in the casino hotel room that the oxygen supply is so great that the fatigue disappears quickly. Run to Lisbo Casino

This gambling disease ㅋㅋ Greed is absolutely forbidden Keep in mind, let’s keep in mind

I was counting again and again.




The game is getting deeper and deeper.

So, from the first day, you will be hitting 60% of the seed money.

If you eat this plate, you will get 40% after recovering 40% of your losses.

I picked them up and picked them again and found Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Die.

The odds of a bang appearing here are 70-80%, so they bet on unfounded confidence.

But since there are 600,000 red daughters, nobody bet this much on Lisboa Mabaripan, so I’ll take the cards.

When I bet, I bet with confidence, but I bet all the anxieties. Isn’t it wrong?

I bet on the banker of course and told me how to get 1 player,  카지노 but 5 Then I saw my card, two-size, two-size. hehe

Looked at the page, there was no point inside. 8 or 9

The dealer told me to look at the remaining one. … Rot

It’s a win or win situation, but I never want to win.

I pecked my card to the butt.








There’s no point in it 4

Is it a man’s inevitable cognition that he is hesitated by a certain bet?

I couldn’t place a bet so I just watched the bang come out

If you lose here, the medicine will rise.

Try to beat Erai as it is.

Banker No. No. No. Up to 6 out of 2

Player said

You’ve got seven… … … ..

How do you win this? … .

Looked at one piece, it was three. Let’s not hold 60,000…

I peck over the remaining one ㅠㅠ

2 or 3

Whatever 2 comes out, it’s extremely disadvantageous and when 3 comes out, it’s a game

It’s full of hard pecking, I’ve ripped up my real card and stared at the dealer.

I don’t want to blame the dealer, but I want to kill the plate.

The bad feelings exploded.

I have a fever like a gorilla who looks like a gorilla.

But what if I get a fever? Do you want to be more banned by throwing chips?

Some people you know already know that there aren’t one or two people who have been chipped and banned by dealers.

I made a note. Pledge to … … .

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