Think Like a Woman to Please a Women – Dating and Relationship Advice


Most men view women as living paradoxes that are hard to comprehend. You may be one of the majority who would undertake great pains and go the extra mile just to gain a woman’s favor. However, have you noticed how her reactions still leave you baffled? How do you often do something monumental and then find yourself still back at square one?

This is primarily because men and women don’t think the same way. Thus, an important insight arises: Unless you want to attract another man, you should strip yourself of your male sensibilities for some time and try to understand what really, undeniably, pleases a woman. If you’re looking for sound dating and relationship advice that will make you understand the complexities of women more, then you have come to the right place Dating and relationships.

Principles of attraction

Most women look for a man that can make her feel safe and secure, but not to the point that a man should do everything just to please her. You should be warned, then, of being too available, too yielding, and too nice. Also, women like to feel taken care of. If you put her in the position where she’s always the boss, you’ll likely turn her off. Women tend to get more attracted to a man who knows how to stand his own ground.

Another piece of dating and relationship advice is to acknowledge the fact that most women like to test their men. As such, be able to notice if you are being tested. If you are, remember to continue to stick to your values ​​and stand your own ground. This will make the woman feel that you have a mind of your own, and that there are things you wouldn’t give up if only for the sake of winning her favor. Also, she would see how capable you are of making your own decisions, which implies the capacity to stand up for her and protect her.

In conclusion, most women want men to take more control of the relationship. You may view this as a damsel-in-distress syndrome or whatever you want. Just make sure you understand it.

The emotional aspect

Here’s one more piece of dating and relationship advice that concerns how to please the woman emotionally. If you think that mastering female attraction is like acing an advanced trigonometry exam – then this second aspect covers calculus, or whatever is more advanced than that. But as the analogy suggests: There is a formula behind pleasing women emotionally. (Perhaps less rigid than math, but you get the point.)

You should learn to understand that women communicate indirectly, as opposed to the straightforward means of men. This precious dating and relationship advice tells you to know how to read between the lines. Just don’t lose patience with the calculations and guesses. If you want to please a woman, you’re going to have to constantly deal with those.

The physical aspect

The first two pieces of dating and relationship advice affect and culminate in one thing – pleasing the woman physically. You should master the first two steps in order to please her physically. For one, think about sexual activity and pleasure. If the woman has emotional issues towards you and the relationship, don’t expect to have the “best sex ever” with her. She would also be concerned with security and with your capacity to “man” the relationship. If many things go unresolved, the likely scenario would be: You touch her, her mind flees elsewhere.

Therefore, if you want to do better as her man, treat and please her as a woman. Follow these valuable pieces of dating and relationship advice so she’ll be an easier math equation to understand.

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