The Three Primary Styles of Hydraulic Hose Ends


Hydraulic hose fittings fall into 3 significant categories. The first sort may be that the Parker 43/71 or Parker 78 chain nozzle end. These Hannafin design nozzle fittings are broadly speaking fashions within an sting to the cord fashion for a solid twist into the nozzle. Parker 43/71 fashions are commonly used around the world and are given by Parker directly, together with a few different vendors in North America, Asia, and Europe. These saline fittings can come in either a stainless steel or stainless format. Other excellent manufacturers are quick to make use of Parker’s measurements after their KP-LOK dimensional patents expired. Now these vendors make hose ends which can be at least comparable to Parker. In some cases, the vendors hold true to the original layout, however, utilize more material from the creation of this nozzle end, which makes it more robust and less vulnerable to failure.

Another significant hose type is situated on Weatherhead’s “U” series mode matching. These fittings are also very common and are known as “U” or “V” style fittings. They use less material than the Parker version and also have less of a sting crimp onto the hose but are still a fantastic viable option, although still providing the performance demanded by high pressure hydraulic methods. These hose ends are a particular favorite of OEMs using lower pressure within their systems.

These hose ends are very similar to Parker for the reason that they provide a deep bite crimp into the rubber hose utilizing steel “fins” inside the ferrule to dig into the rubber hose and also “bite” to the toaster or coil. Even the Dayco design has been very popular for clients looking to achieve a lower-cost of component than Parker’s 43/71/78 show but still require a solid bite in to the hydraulic hose

Parker, Weatherhead, and Dayco each sell their particular crimpers. Nevertheless Dayco crimpers are unique because they are able to liquefy virtually any style. Parker crimpers can only crimp Parker hydraulic hose fittings and Weatherhead can only crimp Weatherhead hydraulic hose fittings. Flexible crimpers are growing in recognition and permit clients to sew any and all hydraulic nozzle fittings. The biggest American manufacturer of adjustable crimpers is Indiana-based Custom Crimp.

All three major hydraulic hose fitting kinds are used extensively around the world. OEMs will usually test all three prior to making a decision as to which fittings best suits their needs.

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